Coaching for couples or groups

Couples or group coaching

Can you define the word relationship? It’s so huge! We could be talking about a romantic relationship, family relationships, working relationships, friendships… See? It’s almost an endless subject.

We are constantly building relationships throughout our entire lives, in every aspect of life. Relationships are hugely important and can be the sole reason for our happiness or sadness at any given time. However, as they’re so important, they can also have a negative effect on our lives when they’re not right.

You can come to me alone to talk about a relationship, or everyone involved can come together for couples or group coaching. Maybe the problem is personal to you, maybe you’re repeating bad patterns, or struggling to find that all important meaningful relationship you’ve always wanted, or maybe you’re clashing with colleagues or with a member or members of your family. We can talk through it and help you find a way to resolve the issue.

If you come to see me as a couple or group, I can act as mediator, hear each person out, and help you come to a resolution together. Wherever there is conflict in a relationship, there can be a resolution, as long as everyone involved is committed to finding it, and prepared to compromise where necessary. Please contact me to discuss rates for couple or group sessions.