Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy

Time line therapy is a fairly new form of therapy, coined by NLP Expert Dr Tad James.

Our unconscious minds naturally store memories in a time line, that is, according to time. That’s how we know if a memory is from the past or a projection of the future. We all have a natural time line. We can use our time line to travel back to memories that have created an unwanted emotional response, and deal with the attached emotions.

Time line therapy is an extremely powerful tool for dealing with unresolved emotions. All of these key emotions have a root cause, a first event, which you may not be aware of consciously, but which using time line therapy we can establish, and remove the emotion which no longer serves you.

What happens in a time line therapy session

You may decide to come for a specific time line therapy session. This would be 2-3 hours where we visit 5 most key emotions for you, removing any unresolved or unwanted emotions as we go. If there are more than 5 which need dealing with, we can do these as well.

You may not come for a time line therapy session, but we may establish during a coaching or hypnotherapy session that there is a particular emotion which we can tackle using time line therapy, and this is also fine.

Find out more

If you would like to know more, or book a session, you can start by dropping me an email at lorna@lmptherapy.com or giving me a call on +447825129637. Remember if I am mid session I won’t be able to answer the phone, so please leave me a message or drop me a text if you’d prefer. I look forward to hearing from you!